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Spring is in full swing. Branché is proud to introduce new & exciting self-care products for women & men.

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Nothing feels as exquisite as Branché Silk. Extraordinarily soft, silky and lustrous, our exclusive silk is simply without rival.

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National Inner Beauty Day

TIP #1 Affirmation Empowerment We women have a bad habit of focusing on our flaws and this negative thinking is detrimental to our well being and happiness. Being our own best friend and celebrating all of the things that make us fabulous is key to nurturing [...]

Wrap yourself in happy!

Even as a little girl, I was aware of how a garment can effect your mood, and as a designer one of my goals has been to create clothes that have a positive effect on the wearer. Whether or not you want to feel cozy […]

Daily Meditation

Make sure to sit up, so you don’t fall asleep. Meditation helps to achieve healing on all levels.. mental, emotional and physical. Computers need defragmenting programs to clear the clutter of everyday activities and reorganize data to free up space to function more efficiently. I […]

Our Customers Say It Best

Got a million

Got a million and one problems but my silk robe ain’t one… @branchebeauty robes are perfect bridesmaids, honeymoons and if you just like treating your skin to something fancy.. and it doesn’t stop at the robe I love my eye mask and in love with my silk pillowcase (I know I’m not the only one who hates wrapping their hair up at night) I could go on lol but just check them out and thank me later : )

Beverly Beal @lifeinbeverlyheels
Blogger - Life in Beverly Heels • Lawyer

LeAnn Rimes Cibrian

Love your eye mask.. I’m definitely taking it on my next tour!

LeAnn Rimes Cibrian
Singer, songwriter, actress and author.

MeKenna • The Bubbly Blonde

NYFW is officially over.. and I couldn’t have gotten through it without my @branchebeauty pillow and eye mask! Such life savers for the fun times had in New York.

MeKenna • The Bubbly Blonde
Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel writer • Public Figure

Catherine Jones Kung

Branché pillowcases.. are a DREAM!! They also help hold my curls and my style looks less smooshed in the morning. I highly recommend giving them a try and spoiling yourself a little!

Catherine Jones Kung
Public Figure • Founder of The Southern Gloss Travel Guide • Miss Kentucky North America 2019

Sharlene Rae Stanley

Branche products have enabled me to sleep soundly and peacefully from the first night I used them Thank you Branche for turning me from a troubled sleeper to a sound sleeper.

Sharlene Rae Stanley

Kathryn Redstone

Thank you for the notification! I want to wait for the blue king size pillow case, to be shipped in late May. I will now have three sets when the blue one arrives plus ones I have given as treasured gifts. My sets are the blue, pink and ivory, consisting of regular, king size and boudoir. I cannot tell you how much I love these pillow cases and only wish I had had them years ago! They are truly remarkable and actually look forward to going to bed every noght just so that I can cuddle up with the heavenly felling cases on my pillows! So until late May, I will be waiting on the beautiful blue king size pillow case.

Fondly, Kathryn Redstone


@branchebeauty always love Branche!! I still sleep on my silk pillowcase every night and it’s the best!

Blogger Influencer


We left for our getaway, I realized half way there that I left my @branchebeauty pillow and mask behind.. I can’t sleep without my pillow AND mask! 🙁

Alyessa Lynn Denny

Lonny Dubrofsky

“My wife, who now cannot sleep without her two boudoir pillows (one black and one white), somehow misplaced her white pillowcase in the Laundry… (need) to order a replacement, and might get an extra for safe keeping in case that were to happen again. She might have a breakdown if I can’t replace as the Boudi is an integral part of our family now 🙂 “

Lonny Dubrofsky
President, Tangonet LLC

Kelly Katz

When Martin (Martin Katz Jeweler Beverly Hills) gifts me jewelry he surprises me by putting it on my Branché silk pillowcase! Kelly Katz

Kelly Katz
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