National Inner Beauty Day

photos: @saraannys TIP #1 Affirmation Empowerment We women have a bad habit of focusing on our flaws and this negative thinking is detrimental to our well being and happiness. Being our own best friend and celebrating all of the things that make us fabulous is key to nurturing our inner beauty. Affirmations are a simple way to help us evolve into more positive thinking. Encourage yourself, be kind to yourself, love yourself and appreciate all of the things that make you wonderful. Reinforce this daily. This will make your inner beauty confidence grow and shine more brightly than ever! Words of inner beauty wisdom = Fearless, Positive, Self-love, Celebrate
TIP #2 We Are What We Eat Our appreciation of food and good ingredients have truly evolved over the last few years. People are taking note of what they consume and how it affects their inner health. Good eating habits foster a healthier inner beauty that translates to our exterior and becomes visible on our skin, body and hair. You can still enjoy wine night with the girls and date night with your loved one, but applying moderation and healthfulness to your lifestyle is the key to feeling great with your inner self. Words of inner beauty wisdom = Measured, Well-being, Self-care, Energy TIP #3 Cool, Calm, Collected In a time of stress and uncertainty, dealing with life’s pressures has become more challenging than ever. All too often, we don’t take the time to decompress. Doing the things that make us feel better, gives us the energy and outlook to make our world a better place. This might seem obvious, but a little meditation or even sitting in a quiet place will help you switch off from those taxing situations or pressurized environments. A cool, calm and collected you will help your inner beauty feel peaceful and restful. Words of inner beauty wisdom = Tranquility, Patience, Serenity, Peace
TIP #4 The Selfless You Helping other people makes us feel so good. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or giving back to our community, the power of doing positive things and showing care for others reflects in how we feel about ourselves in our hearts, mind and soul. Being selfless is a gift and it will leave you feeling elated. There’s nothing quite like putting an inner smile in someone else. Selfless acts and paying it forward can also inspire those around us to do the same. Words of inner beauty wisdom = Euphoria, Joy, Laughter, Exhilaration, Appreciation
TIP #5 Love is Love Being loved and giving love is one of life’s greatest pleasures. When you have both, there is no greater feeling on the inside and this helps one radiate on the outside too. Affection in all of its forms releases endorphins and yields such a happy inner feeling that makes you feel beautiful. This truly is the essence of our soul and no matter what form love comes in, there’s nothing quite like finding a happily ever after. Words of inner beauty wisdom = Adoration, Passion, Respect, Tenderness, Safety

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