Daily Meditation

Make sure to sit up, so you don’t fall asleep.

Meditation helps to achieve healing on all levels.. mental, emotional and physical.

Computers need defragmenting programs to clear the clutter of everyday activities and reorganize data to free up space to function more efficiently. I like to describe meditation as defragmenting the brain!

Neuroscience has proven that brain waves become more synchronized in people that meditate. My meditation teacher, a former neuroscientist, explains it like this.. When you have an “ah hah” moment, your brain waves pulse closer to the same time, rather than independently. Studies show that the brain waves of people who meditate are much more synchronized than non meditators.

Health and Beauty Secret.. It’s long known that stress takes a serious toll on our health. Meditation helps us handle stressful situations with less of the associated tension. The whole body reaps health benefits; studies have found that body recovery and regeneration improves, enhancing anti-aging!

I had a friend who had just become hooked and raved how great she felt. I had dabbled in meditation for years, and felt that I reached a meditative state in yoga or with exercise, but after about a month I visited her house, which had always been an absolute mess (with papers and clutter stacked up everywhere) and was shocked when I stepped into an immaculate spacious clutter-free space.

That week I went to the lecture and signed up for a course. The course I took, advocates 20 minutes twice a day to attain the most benefit. It’s the quiet time that allows for the brain and body to go into deeper relaxation, I find that with twice a day, allows me to reach a quieter state.

Interesting enough after 3-4 months, I met the man who would become my husband! (He took the course, too!)