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Even as a little girl, I was aware of how a garment can effect your mood, and as a designer one of my goals has been to create clothes that have a positive effect on the wearer. Whether or not you want to feel cozy on a weekend morning, powerful for an important meeting, sexy for an evening out or just a little happier.. try considering this effect the next time you pick out your outfit. Take for example Freddy Mercury.. Remember all those amazing outfits.. his sheer joy as he’d slowly wave his arm and say “Dah’ling”. He most definitely choose

Make sure to sit up, so you don’t fall asleep. Meditation helps to achieve healing on all levels.. mental, emotional and physical. Computers need defragmenting programs to clear the clutter of everyday activities and reorganize data to free up space to function more efficiently. I like to describe meditation as defragmenting the brain! Neuroscience has proven that brain waves become more synchronized in people that meditate. My meditation teacher, a former neuroscientist, explains it like this.. When you have an “ah hah” moment, your brain waves pulse closer to the same time, rather than independently. Studies show that the brain waves of people