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love thyself

Self-love is personal and is surely different from one person to another.
Understanding what self-love looks and feels like for you is the first step
on your journey to improving self-love and mental health.

Becoming mindful.

Your inner dialog says a lot about your relationship with yourself. Listen to the things you say to yourself… are they kind?
Would you say the same to a friend?

Be mindful to treat and talk to yourself like you would your best friend. Give yourself praise and complements.

When you have a high self-worth you receive and digest information from this perspective. Life is more enjoyable when you operate from a more positive mindset and it improves the vibrations of the things that come back to you.

Taking time for introspection

Clarifying what you want in life and staying focused on your goals helps you move forward, keeping unhealthy choices and experiences where they belong… in the past.

Practicing good self-care.

Taking best care of oneself is a cornerstone of self-love. Feeding your soul daily with nutritious food, exercise and other healthy activities. Practice healthy social interactions, intimacy and don’t forget your best sleep. Improving sleep rhythms will supercharge your mind, body and soul.

Making room for healthy habits.

How you spend your time and who you spend it with is essential to your happiness.
Finding the things and people that you truly love to fill your days and thoughts matter to your well-being.

How you nourish your body and mind creates the road map of your life. Finding
a calm balance of daily habits will help you take better care of yourself.

Be kind, patient and compassionate with yourself.
Everyday is a chance to grow, learn and improve, endeavoring to
become a better friend, caring for yourself and having true self-love.

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